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DECOLED is an international brand for unique products, projects and solution for decorative lights.
Handcrafted products - Behind our products you can find a story that we carefully enhance in the all details. We also offer endless possibilities of interactive scenes.
Impressive decorations - no-size limit and made in Czech Republic. We have bright solutions for every place that attracts visitors.
Made in Czech Republic. Unique design for every project.
Facade lighting on customer demand Conceptual lighting with high reliability and durability. Tailor made solutions.

Our Company

Modern technology
IP67 products, TOP quality
Original design
For every project
Sophisticated products
Interactive scenes
Handcrafted products
Made in Czech Republic

We are a Czech family company engaged in Christmas decoration for over 20 years. We create a conceptual decoration of original design for dozens of cities and towns as well as shopping centers.

We provide comprehensive services – design, consulting, installation and dismantling, storage.

We have our own production and warehouse area of ​​around 30,000m2 with various craftsmanship activities that allow us to create unique and original lighting and luminous decoration that is thematic for the whole year.

In a protected village near the Václav Havel Airport in Prague we own a historic manor house with our company shop which serve as an exhibition space for our decoration and a place for cultural life.

At the same time, we are expanding our online sales to different European countries where we are gradually building additional affiliates. You can become our partner.